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Roma Wash Unit

Roma Wash Unit

Ref: 801459

In stock

Soft elegance of design and comfortable seat. The Roma is a wash unit with an unexpected look. In fact it is provided with a comfortable seat that can have an electric legrest and air massage. It is provided with a large and deep tilting hair wash, professional and ceramic ware. The inside structure is painted metal. The outside structure and the chair are on wood, covered with expanded polyurethane and covered with upholstery. The wide range of colours allows monochromatic upholsteries or bichromatic combinations inside and outside.
Available in 1 seat, 2 seat or 3 seat models.
Made in Italy.
Colours: BMP Chair Swatches
Code: WP969
Dimensions: H – 93cm, W – 68cm, D –135cm Min / 175cm Max

Price: 1,999.00 (2,398.80 Including VAT at 20%)