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Wahl Super Micro Clippers

Wahl Super Micro Clippers

Ref: 999964

In stock

The latest addition to the Wahl Super family (alongside the Wahl Super Taper and the Super Trimmer) can be used as a clipper, trimmer or detailer. At just 10 cm long and weighing a feather-light 126 grams, the Super Micro fits snugly and comfortably in your hand, allowing you to manoeuvre easily and quickly through the hair.

It's mains powered, with a 3-metre-long cable giving you plenty to work with in a salon situation and has chrome-plated, rust resistant blades that are literally a snap to change, with a snap-on action that's simplicity itself. The Super Micro is beautifully designed and, with a cutting width of 28 mm, can give you all the power of a full-sized clipper in a small package.

The full accessory kit includes 4 attachment combs (#1?#4), clipper oil and cleaning brush

Price: 38.45 (46.14 Including VAT at 20%)